Link^ to our timeline handout

September - November

1ST: Go to meeting to understand the process

(see discussion tab to review "standard" vs "special" projects)
Failure to abide by deadlines will reject your participation.
All are welcome, but freshmen & new participants should definitely attend!
Meeting on MONDAY 9/25 in room 209; quick but necessary

2nd: Complete a Research Proposal

(see document below; the format has changed slightly to align with ISEF more closely)

This ^ document specifies a "standard" experiment. Schoology has updated versions for standard and human projects.

3rd: Proposal is due to your sponsor (a UDHS science teacher* of your choice)

Special Projects: - see discussion tab for definition
*Mrs. Lil must be your sponsor if you are using bacteria, rDNA, vertebrates, etc (or anything requiring form 6)
*Mrs Edelman must be your sponsor if you are studying human behavior
Standard Projects: _
Turn in proposal to any UDHS STEM teacher (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math)

4th: Feedback & Revision

Your sponsor reads your proposal.
If it is scientifically sound and includes all of the necessary info, they will sign, date and give it back to you.
You can use google docs for back-and-forth revisions, but you MUST print a physical copy that demonstrates your teacher critiqued & signed your work in ink.

5th: you make THREE copies of your signed proposal and bring them...

To room 209 (Mrs Lil) on OCTOBER 16TH if you have a "Special Project" (see discussion tab for definition)
To room 215 (Mrs Edelman) on NOVEMBER 13TH if you have a "Standard Project"

This is an afterschool meeting where you will be given an instructions sheet about how to access and fill in the proper protocol forms. The forms must be typed according to the MCSRC. Scroll halfway down until you see the numbered forms sections (pdfs).
Links will be updated for 2018 in Schoology; below are the 2014 links.


^ this details all forms

^ this details standard science fair form instructions
Use the handout provided to fill out your information/get signed appropriately/photocopy/turn in

6th: Forms

You must fill in the forms PROPERLY, have your sponsor sign them and contact any other professionals for signatures as they apply.
There CANNOT be any blank portions or "not applicable" statements.

7th: After securing all signatures, make TWO copies of each packet form. Turn in to...

Mrs Lil (room 209) on FRIDAY Oct 20th for Special Projects (see discussion tab for definition)
Mrs Edelman (room 215) on NOVEMBER 20th for Standard Projects

8th: Experiment!

If proposal and paperwork are completed properly, begin experimentation WHEN YOU RECEIVE SPECIFIC DIRECTION...via homeroom slip from Mrs Lil, bulletin announcement, email, or Schoology contact.
This will differ for special and standard project types.


Students moving onto the State competition will need to turn in more copies at that time.

Important Info for Human Subject Protocols
Sample consent form for human subjects. 2010 form. Likely will not change. Will update if it does.

If you plan to survey a number of students for your project during the school day, you must plan well in advance with your teacher. Use the form above to ask permission a minimum of one week in advance. Your teachers have the right to refuse your request. The science department may look to coordinate enhancement periods during January for you to conduct your behavioral studies. However, this was very difficult last year and is not yet guaranteed.

REGISTRATION - 2014 info; updates available after Thanksgiving via Schoology

Download & TYPE the appropriate form(s) and BRING THEM TO ROOM 209 or 215 by FRIDAY 12/19/14
The two fairs are "MontCo" and "PJAS"
Each fair has its own form and its own registration fee.

If registering for PJAS: Sat 9-12pm Feb 20 @ Souderton HS- 10 minute powerpoint presentation
Fill in this form & MAKE A COPY:

The school will cover your entry fee, but if you drop out, you must pay us back ($20)
DUE: FRIDAY 12/19/14

If registering for MontCo: Tuesday March 10th 9am-noon - poster board presentation @ Ursinus College
Fill in this form:

you just need this form; remember we have your proposal and forms already
  • The school will cover your entry fee, but if you drop out, you must pay us back ($15)
DUE: Friday 12/19/14

Online Registration is completed by UDHS faculty.


Click here for directions to Souderton High School