Jarrettown Elementary Fair

We are currently hoping for some volunteers to:
  • Present the scientific method (via testing paper towel absorbancy) to students; 3-4 students sometime early January
  • Judge the Jarrettown Elem Fair on Feb _ (need to miss 3hrs of school); 4-5 students
  • Exhibit hands-on activities at the science fair __ from 6pm-8pm

Thomas Fitzwater Elementary Fair

We are currently hoping from some volunteers to:
  • Act as mentors for students at TFES who are attempting a science fair project
  • Meet one time per week (prob Wed or Thurs) throughout January from 3:30-4:15...maybe up until their fair in Feb/March
  • This is a great NHS project!
  • Can trade off as pairs if you can't go every week
  • Hoping for 4-8 kids

Anyone interested in this idea???

Are our water levels okay? Whether it's a concern about lead, copper, or you-name-it, this is an excellent way to expand upon your basic understanding of biology in a meaningful real-world way:
Study chromosome counts of onion root tips to discover abnormalities caused by your questionable solution.

Scientists are studying the dramatic amount of microbes that reside in a household shower head. What do you predict?

How are your knives stored at home? In a wooden block? How old is the block? How dirty are your knives? Has the block ever been cleaned? Is this a concern? Should you clean the block? How?
Write an experiment to test this.
Searchable database of all science abstracts from 2003 - present

Tips on writing your hypothesis


Now this is the level of science fair project that you should strive for...

Building a flashlight that is powered by the you!
Other amazing projects:
Using microbiology to grow nodules on cereal crops to help aid the African hunger crisis
Making bioplastics from banana peels to cut down on the planet's plastic pollution
Encode a signaling program to speed up GPS emergency signals, improving the life-saving travel needed by ambulances.

Now here's your future data collection! Go Science!