2017 Info:
MCSRC: March 6-10 @ Ursinus (specifics TBD)
DVSF: April 4th -6th @ Expo Center (in Oaks)
ISEF: May 14th-19th Los Angeles (CA)

Registration due Monday 1/9/17 to Mrs. Lil or Mrs. Edelman
See Classroom for directions and forms

Bring the hard copy to Mrs. Lil/Mrs. Edelman by Monday 1/9/17
The abstract is NOT due with the registration. The abstract is due January 18th to Dr. Price in room 219
  • You present your project on a tri-fold board and have copies of your abstract to hand-out.
  • You also must have your log notebook present for the judges to see.
  • Specific questions can be directed to Dr. Price in the spring

The abstract needs to be a maximum of 250 words, typed on special page, with special formatting. See Classroom for a copy (coming soon). Rough guidelines include:
The title of your project should be on the top of the paper
Your abstract should include roughly 1 sentence each for:
- purpose of the experiment
- hypothesis
- procedure
- data/results
- conclusions and whether you supported or rejected your hypothesis
- you may also include possible applications and future ideas

True, you have NOT yet finished your experiment! You still must put together a preliminary abstract by January 18th. You must infer the data set and conclusions you will draw. It is acceptable that this will change, but it must not drastically change. The reason for the preliminary abstract is for proof of follow-through on what your fall proposal was. In years past, Intel has found students who conducted (and went on to win) experiments that were not approved initially. This is unethical and unfair to other students and your awards will be retracted. Your two abstracts must match closely.

This site may be helpful:

Note that we can only send 3 reps per grade per category. This usually isn't a problem, but it can be for some of the popular subject areas (such as behavioral). We will choose the best 3 and the others will not be able to compete. UDHS WILL NOT SEND TEAM PROJECTS in 2014 and beyond. MCSRC is voting to cut this portion of the competition due to quality control.

Above is the best (quickest, easiest to understand) document to get your answers from for the competition.
From the Special Awards Judge: "The judges request that there be at least 10 (15 would be better) copies of the abstracts at the students' projects and that each ABSTRACT have printed on it: TITLE OF PROJECT as well as the CODE NUMBER WRITTEN NEATLY so that they can pick one up before the judging or as they are interviewing the student. This makes it easier to write notes and comments if they do not have to come back and get the title when discussing with fellow judges. Please alert your students to this request. It makes a good impression on the judges if Abstracts are printed neatly and NOT in Fancy lettering."

2016 dates

Wednesday 3/9 - Sunday 3/13

Bus times will be announced, but here is what you should expect that week:

Wednesday 3/9: YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! You need to go to Ursinus College to SETUP your PROJECT by 5pm . NO LATE SET UP. Doors will close at 4:30 PM.
This is also when the site is informally open to the public/parents
Thursday 3/10: Bus times announced: arrive at Ursinus College ~ 8:xx AM - exhibit through 12pm. Return to school. This is it! You stand next to your board and present the project on this day.
no parents
Sunday: Div A-D, H award ceremony at TBA; Div E, M award ceremony TBA pm